Manage Risk

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of small to medium employers switching to self-funded health insurance policies. CARE in America provides a unique tool for managing the risk that is inherent in these plans.

The trend is driven by the impossible situation we find ourselves in. Self funded policies are the last tool on the insurance shelf that offer hope of controlling premium costs. The costs have risen to the point of financial ruin for businesses. Cost sharing with employees is at an intolerable level as well.

What does CARE in America offer?

Our subscription model does more than lower the costs for you and your employees. It lowers the financial risk by converting out-of-pocket costs for health professional services into a monthly subscription.

In our brave new world, you can sleep peacefully again. Your expenses will not rise if employees seek care. High deductibles no longer threaten employee satisfaction

So, stop depending on sheep for a good night's sleep. Say "Hello" to CARE in America. Manage the self funding risk for both you and your employees.

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