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Business people signing contract

This year, Insurance companies have imposed a 15% premium increase across the board.

Your broker will do back-flips to try & limit your increase.

Recognize this tactic?  You saw the same thing, last year … and the year before that.

And every year, you were herded into an increase ...

while requirements for pre-approvals and an avalanche of paperwork have made access to medical care ever more difficult.


Healthcare shouldn't be hard, involve a fight, or require surrender.

The Healthcare Problem
How You Solve The Problem

You can’t solve the healthcare problem until you achieve scale, because the industrial divide-&-conquer strategy deployed against you makes you too small to defend yourself.

                        overwhelms that strategy for small & medium-sized businesses:

By joining this one large group, you solve the problem, once & for all.

Large businesses already have scale, but that isn't enough.  They can still do even better than they presently do:

By including a CARE in America program in your plans, as Main Street does, you can do up to 30% better than you presently do.


The money you save is better spent on local businesses, helping the local economy to recover.




Who We Are


The CARE in America Foundation is a community resource, an association of people in all industries and doctors in all specialties, who recognize that while the nation builds a public health insurance system, there is an increasingly unfulfilled need for private access to care: 

  • guaranteed access

  • unrestricted access

  • a sane price

We know healthcare can work better. 

Not just a better price ... A better way.

Our Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously.  So this will be simple.

Your data will be used as follows:

  • To provide you with services as requested.  This includes sharing HIPAA-compliant information with your doctors and service providers, and your Employer health plan administrators.

  • To communicate with you

  • To improve what we do

That's it.  We never sell your information.  We do all within our power to keep it secure.

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