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Who We Are


The CARE in America Foundation is a community resource, an association of people in all industries and doctors in all specialties, who recognize that

while the nation builds a public health insurance system,

there is an increasingly unfulfilled need for private access to care: 

  • guaranteed access

  • unrestricted access

  • & a sane price

We know healthcare can work better. 

Not just a better price ... A better way.

How You Solve The Problem

You can’t solve the individual problem until you solve the community problem, because

the divide-&-conquer strategy makes you too small to defend yourself.

Unite1000 working people & you overwhelm that strategy … You solve the problem, once & for all, for everyone.


This year, Insurance companies have imposed a 15% premium increase across the board.

Your broker will do back-flips to try & limit your increase, this year.

Recognize this tactic?  You saw the same thing, last year … and the year before that.

And every year, you were herded into an increase.



Healthcare shouldn't be hard, involve a fight, or require surrender.

A total of 1000 working people solves the problem, once and for all.

We use a Census form, to keep track.

Pitch In your Census of Employees.

The money you save is better spent on local businesses, helping the local economy to recover.


Our Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously.  So this will be simple.

Your data will be used as follows:

  • To provide you with services as requested.  This includes sharing HIPAA-compliant information with your doctors and service providers, and your Employer health plan administrators.

  • To communicate with you

  • To improve what we do

That's it.  We never sell your information.  We do all within our power to keep it secure.