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Plans that include
CARE in America

start with Care + go from there

High-income earners can afford high premiums and high deductibles.

Medicaid makes them irrelevant for the poor.

Everyone in between – everyone in the middle – has a problem.

Middle-income earners may get company health benefits, but they can’t afford the deductibles.  So, they have insurance, but they don’t access care, until things get totally out of control. That’s where their problem becomes your problem, because all those out-of-control medical conditions are increasing the cost of your health plan.


People with excellent access to care stay healthier longer.

Plans that include CARE in America start at that baseline: 

guaranteed & unrestricted access

throughout the full range of care – primary care & specialists.  Powerful.


And that’s just for starters. 

Plans that include CARE in America go on from there, to squeeze out hidden taxes and administrative charges. 

So, your premiums come down by as much as 60%.

And your employees – all of them – are very, very happy.


Now, let’s re-imagine your company.  It’s not just a conduit for sales.  It’s a whole machine that is engineered to deliver maximum profit at lowest cost.  And your health insurance plan ... It’s only one part of a larger life.  Your health insurance can only deliver maximal health at lowest cost if it is part of a broader program.  Because it’s not what kind of insurance you have that gets you to the goal.  It’s deploying insurance in its proper context that gets you there.


When you put care first, you can get insurance at a price Washington only wishes it had. 

We can expand access to care for everyone – for those who can’t, and for those who don’t want to, pay high insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance percentages. 

No hoops.  No hurdles.

CARE in America makes your healthcare work better. 

Not just a better price ... A better way.

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