"It is my distinct privilege to introduce you to what

our government won't.

Without a doubt, the finest health care program I have ever seen

in my 45 years in this business."

- Ed Tabash, Certified Health Consultant


 CARE in America

deliver more for less

Plans that include

​because everyone wants their healthcare to work better

... not just a better price ... a better way

No co-pays    

No deductibles    

No co-insurance percentages

No referrals

No pre-approvals

No exclusions for pre-existing conditions

Plans that include CARE in America fix healthcare ... plain & simple



To lower cost, you need to add features.

Keep everything you have now ... your same PPO ... 

& ADD something that lowers cost:

guaranteed & unrestricted access to Medical CARE.

(You cannot be turned away)

Better-than-Platinum Plans :

  • You are totally insured

  • $411 /month avg


Everyone Wants - Screenshot 2022-03-03 14.21.19.png

This is access to care on steroids,

to the full spectrum of care,

not just Primary Care.

CARE in America is a beautiful thing 

... and totally easy.

Care in America puts he CARE back in Healthcare

While politicians argue about how to make healthcare affordable & accessible,

you've delivered concierge-quality access at a price Washington only wishes it had.

Concierge-quality access, lower premiums & no out-of-pocket obligations. 

You've put the care back into healthcare. 

Now, you can stand tall, when you talk about healthcare & bask in the warmth of those smiles.

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