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On behalf of its members, The CARE in America Foundation exercises oversight of the market, to see that risk is properly valued, so that CARE can be delivered in America, in the appropriate setting & at the right price

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We have you covered.

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This is healthcare the way it should be and for all the right reasons.


The easiest sale in the world is the one that delivers what your client wants ... Totally Easy.

  • The Highest Quality Access to Care in the World

No co-pays.  No deductibles.  No co-insurance percentages.

No referrals.  No pre-approvals.  No exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

Practically eliminates claims problems.

  • At the Best Price

Saves thousands.

  • For your clients of every size

               Satisfied employees make for happy clients.


All the product information you need is downloadable here.​

Ed Tabash, Certified Health Consultant

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