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Today, Unions represent one in ten Americans, making them the most influential purchasing groups in the healthcare industry.

Are you an Iron Worker, yet ?

Not all Unions are alike.

Main Street is a very friendly local of the very friendly Iron Workers Union - no strikes, no nonsense.

We devote our attention to solving business problems.

For over 120 years, the Iron Workers has taken pride in its training programs, providing a well-trained, highly skilled and safe workforce for the construction industry.

The Main Street Local is dedicated to solving the major problems confronting small & mid-sized businesses in every industry:

connections, inflation, healthcare.

Federal law gives Unions unique capabilities. 

They are not troubled by hurdles that stymie others, because the law has cleared their way. 

Put a Union together with a health plan, described by some of the nation’s largest brokers as “ten years ahead of any other health plan”, and you get the best… first-in-the-nation, head-of-the-class… the very best...

and even if yours is a small business, you can get




No more process than filling out a Census of Employees.

Guaranteed price: $411 / month.


If you are small business, you are Main Street

Click on document below, to download it:

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