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HR Professionals 

Be a hero!

Give employees

   The Highest Quality Access to Care

             in the World.

No more doctor bills.

Specialists & primary care

(Hospital too, in Northeastern MO):

            No co-pays

            No deductibles

            No co-insurance percentages

No hoops.  No hurdles.

            No referrals

            No pre-approvals

            No exclusions of pre-existing conditions

No confusion.  No avalanche of paperwork.  No fighting.

CARE in America puts the care back into healthcare.

... A complete solution that also lowers your payroll contribution on average 20% - 40%.

CARE in America fixes healthcare.  Plain & simple.

Finally!  Your broker can give you the plan you've always wanted.

If you have a preferred broker, we'll reach out.  If not, we'll give you an expert broker.

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